• Plain white canvas shoes
  • At least 3 differently colored acrylic craft paints (use your favorite team’s colors!) including brown if you want to paint a football
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Pencil & paper


  1. Remove the shoelaces and cover the soles with masking tape for an easy clean-up.
  2. If your design is complicated, sketch out your idea on paper first, then again on the shoes so you know exactly where to paint your colors. Keep your paper sketch for reference.
  3. Paint your favorite game-day design using the paint brushes and various colored paints. You can go simple and just paint each of the panels on the shoes your team’s colors, or go more complex and add imagery like logos or footballs!
  4. Remove the masking tape and show off your awesome new shoes!

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Kimberly Feather,
2008 Seats for 20 Years Winner

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