Imagine the excitement of seeing every Ravens home game for the next 20 years from your very own pair of seats! Enter your non-winning Ravens Scratch-Offs and you’ll have a chance to catch every single heart-pounding play for the next two decades.

Additional Entry Details

My Lottery Rewards is your ticket to win great second-chance prizes. Just create your rewards account (if you haven’t already) and enter the ticket codes from any non-winning Ravens Scratch-Offs. You can choose the prize you are entering to win within each drawing window. Each non-winning $2 ticket gives you 2 second-chance entries and each non-winning $5 ticket gives you 5 second-chance entries. Entries are not cumulative. Each drawing must be entered separately. Entry periods begin the day following a drawing and last until the day of the deadline.

Kimberly Feather,
2008 Seats for 20 Years Winner

  • Tiffany Encourage Urself Scott

    🙄🏈Don’t know the Game of Football at all. But I Love that Second Chance💵💵Shot at 10000$🤗😏

  • Shangra-la Smith

    Does anybody know how they announce if you won?

    • mdlottery

      Winners will be announced on this page. Scroll up from the comments section and you’ll be able to view them by clicking on “Entry Deadlines & Winners.” The Lottery will also directly contact the winners by phone or by email to provide instructions on how to claim their prizes. If you see your name listed as a winner and are not contacted, please call the Lottery at 410-230-8800.

  • Kim Feather

    I feel so honored to be the first to win Ravens tickets for Life.This picture is one that shows how proud I was to be able to share the seats with my children.Thank You Maryland State Lottery.

  • Sherree Cofiell

    I have a Ravens scratch off that is not a instant winner and won’t recognize the second chance number. What do I do? Tried many times to enter manually and scan on the app. Please help.

    • mdlottery

      Please call the My Lottery Rewards Player Services line at 1-800-201-0108 with the numbers from both the front and back of the ticket. They will be able to access your account and assist you in getting the ticket entered.

  • matthew murray

    I don’t understand the ‘Alternates’ situation. Do they win anything, or are they just picked in case the winner does not claim the prize by the deadline?

    • mdlottery

      That’s correct. Alternates do not win a prize unless one of the winners fails to claim by the deadline, declines the prize, or is disqualified. In such a case, we would contact the alternate.

  • Jehoia Cato

    What does “Entries are not cumulative” mean? Does that mean if I put 2 entries in the September Cash drawing, the extra entry does not increase my chance of winning?

    • mdlottery

      “Entries are not cumulative” means that any tickets you enter are good only for the next available drawing. For example, if you enter tickets now through Sept. 10, they will be included in the pool for the drawing that takes place on Sept. 11. But they will not give you chances in any of the additional Ravens second-chance drawings. We begin with a new pool of entries for each drawing, and each drawing must be entered separately.

  • Katrina F. Robinson

    I’m hoping one day I will win something, preferably cash or a trip which can help with my up coming bday.

    • Steve Slizewski

      I agree!!

  • Wendy Mizell

    I’m wondering why I’ve noticed ofia few of the winners names showing they have won multiple times and multitude of different items? This seems a little too lucky from my calculations. Can you please provide some input on this situation? Thank you. W.M.

    • mdlottery

      Thanks for your question. The entry and drawings processes for our second-chance contests are conducted by a computer system. We do not handle or view the entries, and we do not know the identities of anyone who has entered. As with all of our games and contests, the results are purely the luck of the draw.

  • How do they and you know if you won? How can you announce a winners name when a ticket is paid for with cash?

    • mdlottery

      To enter the Lottery’s second-chance contests, participants enter tickets into their My Lottery Rewards accounts. So each ticket entered into the contest is attached to someone’s name. A computer system accepts the entries and then randomly draws the winners from the pool of tickets that have been entered.

    • Felisha Potts

      how do you know you won

      • mdlottery

        The winners’ names are posted above. Click on “Entry Deadlines & Winners” to view them. We also contact the winners by phone to provide them with instructions on how to claim.

  • TRE

    Have anyone ever won even $1 off of that scratch off ticket itself? I have purchased multiple and have won absolutely nothing.

    • Sue

      I have won alot off of these Ravens tickets…make sure you buy more than one….the chances are 1 in 4 tickets so if you buy one of these and one of those you probably wont win anything….I usually buy 3 $5.00 ones and 3 $2.00….mostly win something everytime…..get them in a row….dont buy 1 of each different kind if you are spending $5.00, buy 5 of the same, thats pretty quaranteed to win.

      • mdlottery

        Congratulations on your winners. The information on the backs of scratch-off tickets refers to the overall probability of winning, so the 1 in 4 figure is based on the total number of tickets in the game. It does not mean that 1 out of every 4 tickets that you purchase will be a winner. Winning tickets are randomly distributed throughout the run of the game. We strongly encourage our players to enjoy lottery games responsibly and within their means.

    • PamD

      Yes I have, many times. Just yesterday I bought 2 Raven’s $2.00 tickets and won.

    • Mark Elliott

      $1000.00 just had a feeling and when it says please bring to md lottety headquaters it turns into a good day.

  • mdlottery

    The drawing will take place during the day today and we’ll have the results posted here as soon as we’re able to. Good luck.

  • Kenny Long

    can i win the ravens away trip again i went in 2015

    • mdlottery

      Winners from previous years are eligible to win again. Good luck!

  • Katrina F. Robinson

    I just hope to win anything to help with taking a family cruise.

  • Dorisa

    I hope that I will cause I would love for me and my son to go cause we never been to a game before it would be our first time ever

  • Raven E.

    After tomorrow drawing will you have to put more entries in for next month drawing?

    • mdlottery

      Yes, you will. The entries for the Ravens contest are not cumulative. After each drawing, the non-winning entries are not carried over into the pool for the next drawing. In order to be included in the next drawing on November 6, you will need to enter tickets between now and 11:59:59 p.m. on November 5.

  • Hassan Holliday

    What time is the drawing?

    • mdlottery

      The winners have been posted and are available above on this page by clicking the “Entry Deadlines & Winners” link.

  • MIKE

    Is there a way that you can use the accumulated points to enter any of the second chance drawings? I am interested in the Ravens prizes as I know in the past that it was permitted to use points to enter in for Redskin drawings. Please consider this in addition to the required purchase to get a “second chance”.

    • mdlottery

      Thank you for contacting us with your suggestion. We will pass it along to Lottery officials for their review and consideration. In the meantime, any $2 or $5 non-winning Ravens tickets that you enter into your Rewards account will give you automatic entry into the Ravens contest and also will give you Rewards points.

  • Gary Crosen

    How many $100000 winnings tickets remain—-Ravens?

    • mdlottery

      As of yesterday (12/7/17), there are still two $100,000 top prizes on the $5 Ravens ticket that have not yet been claimed. The totals of unclaimed prizes on all current scratch-off tickets are updated daily on our website. Here is the link to the $5 Ravens ticket:

  • Alicia Sneed

    Awww 🙁 I didn’t win! Congrats to all the winners though.

  • Ivy Hathaway

    How do I know if I’m a winner? Do you message me on the lottery second chance site or do I get an e-mail?

    • mdlottery

      Winners’ names are published on this page. Click on the Entry Deadlines & Winners link above. You will also receive either an email or a phone call from the Lottery’s Communications Division with instructions on how to claim. If you see your name listed as a winner and aren’t contacted, please call our office at 410-230-8800.

  • 410 yO !

    So is the Jan.15th drawing is the last one. ?
    Or is there another one for the Grand Prize..

    • mdlottery

      The last of the monthly drawings is on Jan. 16. The deadline to enter that one is 11:59:59 p.m. on Jan. 15. That drawing will determine the last of the six finalists for the Grand Prize, and that person will also win $10,000. There will also be a separate $10,000 winner in that drawing and a third winner who will receive 2018 season tickets to the Ravens. The date of the Grand Prize drawing event will be announced soon.

  • Eric Oliver

    Question, lets be hypothetical for a moment. If I were to lose the ticket I used to enter into the second-chance drawing, does that mean I wouldn’t be able to claim my prize if I were to win? I figured since you have to enter in the ticket information electronically for the chance to win, it doesn’t matter if you have the physical ticket or not correct?

  • mdlottery

    For the final Ravens drawing there were more than 515,000 entries.

  • Eric Oliver

    I thought the drawing was on the 16th? The website still displays a “TBD” status.

    • mdlottery

      The last of the six monthly drawings was on Jan. 16. The grand prize winner of season tickets for 20 years has not yet been determined. The six finalists have been invited to an event on Feb. 6 where the grand prize winner will be revealed.

      • Eric Oliver

        So if you did not receive an invitation for that event, does that mean you are no longer being considered for the $10,000.00

        • mdlottery

          The names of all winners are listed on this page (click on “Entry Deadlines & Winners” above to view the list). We also contact all winners after each drawing, so if you don’t see your name listed and didn’t receive a call from us, you are not a winner in this contest. The only remaining prize in this contest is the grand prize winner of season tickets for 20 years. The six finalists for that prize were determined in the six monthly drawings. When you click on “Entry Deadlines & Winners,” you can see the names of the six finalists in the second column, under heading “Season Tickets for 20 Years.”