My Lottery Rewards is your ticket to win great second-chance prizes with Ravens Scratch-Offs. Just create your own Rewards account (if you haven’t already) and enter the ticket codes from any non-winning Ravens Scratch-Offs. You can choose the prize you are entering for within each drawing window. Each non-winning $2 ticket gives you two second-chance entries, and each non-winning $5 ticket gives you five second-chance entries. The more tickets you enter, the more chances you have to win.

  • Brian Glave

    Where. are. the. New. lotto. tickets. atb

    • mdlottery

      They were just released yesterday, so some of the tickets might still be making their way into stores. Keep an eye out, they should be at a retailer near you very soon!

  • Yvonne Mason


  • Fred Spielman

    I luv the new scratchers, Orioles and Harley Davidson. Do I hold on to the games after they are entered.

    • mdlottery

      Once your tickets are entered, you do not need to keep your original ticket in order to claim your prize if you win.

  • Lenette Faulcon

    When will you post the contestant of the game winners on the Maryland Lottery Baseball Bucks Scratch-offs.

    • mdlottery

      They are now up. Good luck!

  • preston

    Do the winning contestants go into a hat for a drawing. First time playing. Baseball bucks

    • mdlottery

      The winning contestants are selected by our partner company, Scientific Games. This is a ranomized, computerized process.

  • guy de antonio

    how do i access the list for baseball

    • mdlottery

      If you are looking for the list of Contestant of the Game winners, please click on the “Contestant of the Game Winners” tab on Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Diane Williams

    Ive been scratching the new baseball bucks ticket and still not a winner..not a good scratch ticket to play…create wining tickets from beginning to end..give us something to talk about…

    • mdlottery

      We’re sorry you haven’t won on the Baseball Bucks ticket yet! Don’t forget you can enter your non-winning tickets into our second-chance promotion for a chance to win cash as the Contestant of the Game.

      • Robert

        I just scratched a 500 dollar winner 😃

  • Guest

    How can I buy a full book of tickets for this scratch off?

    • mdlottery

      You can purchase these tickets from any Maryland Lottery retailer.

      • Marlon Aguilera

        I was asking if it was possible to buy an entire book of 60 tickets?

        • mdlottery

          As long as the retailer has the book out and activated, you can purchase it.

  • cookiecrum610

    I have tried to play every game with baseball and football since you started but have never gotten to be contestant of the game!!!! don’t know why after seeing some people more than once…hope it is not a fixed thing or if I find it is I will stop buying and tell all my friends who have never been in it either to stop…please prove it isn’t an unfair thing. Thanks

    • mdlottery

      We can assure you that our agency maintains a strict level of integrity. All of our drawings are random and are done in a fair and secure manner. If you have any questions, please let us know.

    • Tina Mills Spears

      I can assure you it’s not fixed. I don’t play much lottery myself but my husband as played the md lottery for 20 years and have enterd a few 2nd chance drawings. like many he was bummed when he never won anything big but knew his time would come sooner or later. And wouldn’t you know it I get a phone call one day this past November saying that he won a trip for 2 to fly with the Baltimore Ravens and stay at the team hotel in Miami and premium seats and sideline passes and $500.00 cash to spend. All taxes paid and that really made it truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Especially being a die hard ravens fan. So for the doubters out there don’t get aggravated or give up. Your time will come when it’s meant to be. Good Luck!

  • sheryl

    When I enter my baseball bucks scratch off, am I automatically entered in contestant of the game?

    • mdlottery

      Yes, and each ticket entered adds another chance to win. Good luck!

  • Janet Eline

    Many, many fans from Pennsylvania for the O’s! Seldom see any names as Contestant of the Game from PA though. Would like to see this.

  • Kathy Wilmer-Wolfe

    If you do win, does the Lottery send a check or do you have to go to Lottery headquarters?

    • mdlottery

      If one wins, they have to claim through mail or at Lottery headquarters.

  • tracy

    When will the winners for today’s drawing be posted?

    • mdlottery

      The winners are now posted. Good luck!

  • T7661


    • mdlottery

      The drawings always take place on the dates stated. We do have a verification process that takes additional time. This is why winners are not immediately posted once the drawing occurs. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Caryl T.

    Where are the payment center in Baltimore City, other then the Montgomery Building.

    • mdlottery

      You can cash up to $600 at any Maryland Lottery retailer. If you have a ticket worth up to $5,000, you can cash it at any of our XCAP locations. Anything over $5,000 must be cashed at either our Baltimore or Lanham claims office. Hope this helps!

      • Caryl T.

        Thank you

  • Robert

    How many chances do you get per ticket that you enter? Everyone i enter always says i have 1 chance into drawling six is it 1 or 6 entries per non winning scratch off?

    • mdlottery

      As our official rules state, one ticket equals one entry into the promotion. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • D Smith

    I see that the contestant of the game has 7 different drawings during the season
    Next drawing May 12th
    Does this mean you need to enter all 7 times with 7 different tickets to be eligible for each drawing ?

    • mdlottery

      Entries are cumulative. Once an entry is submitted, it will remain in the pool of entries unless selected as a winning entry.

  • John Jackson

    How will we be notified if we win? I’ve entered close to 50k in points and haven’t won anything yet?

    • mdlottery

      Winners are notified via phone and/or email.

  • Melissa Tippett

    Again, not one winner from the eastern shore for the 2nd chance drawing:( I will keep trying and I am a dedicated player of MD lottery and love my ravens! please pick some winners from the other third of MD.

    • mdlottery

      Thanks for entering and for sharing your thoughts with us. Statistically speaking, we tend to see more winners from areas of the state where the largest numbers of tickets are sold. But we have no way of knowing the winners’ hometowns. The winners of our second-chance drawings — and all the rest of our games — are purely the luck of the draw.

      • Delores Redman

        ugghh, please people. It’s a CHANCE drawing. if you cant understand that concept please stop playing.

  • mdlottery

    The entries for the Ravens second-chance drawings are not cumulative. Each drawing must be entered individually in order to be included in that drawing. So if you had entries that were submitted prior to the first two drawings (Aug. 15 and Sept. 12) those entries are not part of the pool for the next drawing, which takes place Oct. 17. You can find more information in the official rules for the Ravens second-chance contest at the following link:

  • mdlottery

    If you are having difficulty with the My Lottery Rewards app, please send an email to and include as much detail as you can regarding the problems you’ve experienced, including the names of the scratch-offs you tried to scan and the approximate time and date when the problem occurred. Please contact us at that address and we’ll do our best to investigate and respond to you directly.

  • mdlottery

    The winners for the Oct. 17 Ravens drawing have been posted. Click on “Entry Deadlines and Prize Winners” to view them. The next Ravens drawing will be held Nov. 7, with an entry deadline of 11:59:59 p.m. on Nov. 6.

  • mdlottery

    The entries and drawings for our second-chance contests are handled by a computer. Maryland Lottery staff does not view the entries, and we have no way of knowing what towns the entries come from. We receive many thousands of entries for our second-chance contests, and the winners are purely the luck of the draw. We know everyone dreams of winning big, and we wish you good luck!

  • 410 yO !

    Where are the Updates on the November Winners.?

    • mdlottery

      If you click on “Entry Deadlines and Winners” you’ll see a list of all the winners, including those from the Nov. 6 drawing. We publish the list of winners there as quickly as possible after each drawing.

  • brenda

    Wheres the noverber 7winner .

    • mdlottery

      Above, click on “Entry Deadlines and Winners” and you’ll see the list of all winners so far, including those from the Nov. 7 drawing.

  • penny

    I have a question about the 50,000 promotion. How do you actually choose the winner? Does it go by who had more entries? I don’t understand how the winner is selected since it’s all online

    • mdlottery

      The winners of our second-chance contests are randomly drawn by a computer. Maryland Lottery staff do not handle or view the entries. We don’t know who has entered or how many entries each person has submitted. The results of all of our games and drawings are entirely random and purely the luck of the draw.

  • mdlottery

    Scroll up and look at the list of headings just above the Ravens logo. Click on “Entry Deadlines and Prize Winners” and you’ll see a list of all winners so far.

  • Darlene

    No winners in owings mill or not many in Baltimore

  • mdlottery

    The Maryland Lottery does not know who has entered or how many entries each person has submitted. The results of our second-chance contests are purely the luck of the draw. We know everyone dreams of winning big, and we wish you the best of luck.

    • Barbara Fuller

      Thank-you for at least giving me a second chance!!

  • Barbara Fuller

    I just pray I hit that Powerball I play it every time!! Gonna take a miracle!!

  • Barbara Fuller

    Darlene I have been playing for a cpl years and never give up you just never know!!

  • mdlottery

    There were 6.5 million entries for the 50,000 Reasons to Play contest. The winners are selected at random from that pool of entries and the results are purely the luck of the draw. We know everyone dreams of winning big, we appreciate your participation, and we hope your lucky day is coming soon.

  • CMS

    Well I had close to 5,000 entries and I didn’t win either…I was so sure I would have been one of the 11…but it’s the luck of the draw…I believe there were millions of entries so the odds were slim…when it’s your time it will come even with just 1 single entry…so be patient your day is coming…😊

  • Tiffany Encourage Urself Scott

    Hello Shaunte
    I entered 950
    Last 50000 promotion I entered 1621 draw tickets.
    But we’re not thee only ones.
    *our luck just hasn’t appeared Yet😏
    GoodLuckFellowGamerz ✋😤